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From the day she learned to use the kitchen utensils, she has been baking cakes, biscuits and deserts. Several recipes she uses today came out of her baking experiments in her granny’s kitchen.

Pınar Belendir: “In the past, when professional baking was not so developed, basic ingredients of cake decoration such as food coloring and sugar-paste were not available in the market. Cakes were covered with fatty, almost indigestible creams. Whenever I had a birthday cake, I got sick.”

This is how she began baking cakes for all her friends’ birthdays. She has been using natural, quality ingredients since then, a unique feature of her cakes today. Pınar Belendir knows good quality ingredients are the first step to irresistible taste.

Pınar Belendir transferred her baking passion, from her granny’s kitchen, into a café she opened in 1999. In 2006 she launched her website, where she introduced custom-designed biscuits in Turkey. Pınar Belendir’s biscuits received praise not only in Turkey but in Swiss, Holland, Italy as well.

“I can shape sugar-paste into anything. Just tell me what you want” Pınar Belendir.

When she was a student, Pınar Belendir made ceramic objects which were in great demand in her family’s gift shop. Her mastery in using sugar-paste so well goes back to her skill with ceramics.

Pınar Belendir studies baking and cake design from world cuisines and uses different ideas from all over the world to formulate her recipes. She also works closely with leading companies in the sector to create new formulas. In 2009, she prepared for Ülker Company “Recipes for Cakes with Petit Beurre Biscuits” for the 65th anniversary of Ülker’s Petit Beurre biscuits.

You can visit for Pınar Belendir’s detailed recipes and videos.

Pınar Belendir: “I asked myself ‘Where and -doing what- do I feel good?’ The answer was very simple: ‘In my kitchen, baking a cake.’ I decided to make my hobby my work and I am very happy now. My office is my kitchen and I am trying to turn each happy day into a happier one. I am baking day and night, designing new recipes and developing new techniques. I am creating edible dreams.”